Some Spring Housekeeping

The last few months have been more hectic than most. Of note:

  • Our HEDIS medical-record review with our new processes and new vendor is winding to a halt. It’s been a lot of work, capturing roughly 17k medical records in six weeks. But preliminary rates look OK. So that’s a relief. We’ve been on a multi-million dollar journey to swap vendors for nearly 10 months now. With the end of our first-year effort now approaching, it’s time to reflect on lessons learned and to soak in the fact that I was a core leader in such a huge and politically high-profile project.
  • Two weeks ago, I spent two nights in Chicago doing NAHQ commission coordination. Interesting stuff. The association is really firing on all cylinders for it’s five-year strategic plan; now the goal is to keep everyone pointing in the same direction without stepping on toes. Details are TBD, but I may well be presenting in conferences in June in Toronto and near Baltimore.
  • And speaking of NAHQ, I’ll be in Dallas in the coming week for the Summit and for board meetings. Back to back to back to back to back …
  • I submitted a novella to Amazon. It’s an experiment; the novella is in a fringe sub-genre of erotica and it’s written under a pseudonym, using a name with no social platform and no author history. In the last eight hours, I’ve already sold three copies of the ebook and have earned $2.03 in royalties. Interesting. The whole exercise follows from a thought experiment in Jane Friedman’s excellent Publishing 101. (And no, I’m not going to tell you the pseudonym or the novella title. Like I said: fringe.)
  • My friend Brittany and her husband Steve welcomed a baby girl into their family on Thursday. She’s adorable. I went to the hospital to see mom, dad and baby.
  • Life at Caffeinated Press has had its ups and downs of late. Powering through the “painful growth phase,” I guess.


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