Yet Another Update

Hmm.  Haven’t added to the chronology in a while, so here you go, in rough reverse order:

  1. I spent today proctoring the exams for two sections of American Government at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, on behalf of the Vegas-bound Tony.  Took a few hours to wander the WMU campus, and I stopped by the Herald and the Philosophy department.  I’m strongly tempted to seek re-admission into the M.A. program.
  2. Had lunch yesterday at the hospital with Edmund.  It was fun watching him stare at all the gay hospital boys running around the cafeteria.
  3. I had dinner Sunday with a younger fellow named Will.  We had a nice time, enjoying a simple dinner and a walk in the downtown area, before going back to his place for conversation.
  4. Last Thursday, I had lunch with a young lady, which was a nice change of pace.  No dating potential there, but she was a sweet girl.
  5. I had a much-needed Day of Rest last Wednesday.  I went straight home from work, had a pizza delivered, and watched more TV in one evening than I had in the prior six months combined.  Just me, my giant leather recliner, pizza, and TV.  Mmmm.  Of course, the bathroom scale wasn’t quite as forgiving, but it had been so long since I’ve done NOTHING that I think it was worth it.
  6. Weekend before last was something of a disappointment, featuring a pair of last-minute stand-ups from friends.  However, that Friday evening was great — Jen and I went to Becca’s for dinner.  A dinner that I ended up mostly cooking. 

The Autumn of Renewal continues apace.  I’m quite pleased with the progress I’m making (on my new theory that “excellence is the best revenge”) and I’m just … calmer.  It’s nice.  It’s helpful to not be actively relationship-seeking, and to have rolled back a lot of my frenetic social schedule that had so bedeviled my summer.

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