Yesterday was interesting.

The festivities started in earnest not long after 6 p.m.  I met my friend Charlie at the Beaner’s in McKay Tower.  We sipped and chatted for about three hours.  The conversation was quite pleasant; of all my new friends, he’s the most emotionally stable, with a respectably mature outlook on life, and I really enjoy his company.  I think he’s a “keeper.”  Oh, and Beaner’s has a scrumptious double-dark hot chocolate, as full of calories as it is of sweet, delicious taste.  Highly recommended.

After parting company with Charlie, I spoke a bit with Andrew.  He had to head to an urgent-care center after getting cut at work by a rusty razor blade.  Fortunately, all is well with him, and I am looking forward to drinks or something with him this weekend.

I headed home, only to get a call from Becca when my hand was mere inches from the garage door.  She needed a drink, and I was quick to comply.  I turned around, drove to her apartment, and ferried her to Cambridge House, where we shared drinks and some tasty hummus.  As always, conversation with Becca is elevated and enjoyable, even though I had to spend a fair amount of time defending Sarah Palin’s right to draw breath.

I got home after 1 a.m. and on a lark, I logged into WoW and let Elianna (undead affliction lock on Misha) ding 32 — the first time I’ve played her since February.

Went to bed around 3 a.m. and slept like a pretzel, again.  At this rate, my spine will be shaped like a Mobius strip by Christmas.

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