Bad Day


Friday sucked.

It was my brother’s birthday, which was cool.  Ryan and I each got him a separate card and gift certificate.  After I dropped off the cards, I picked up Brian and Candace’s daughter, Katie, to do some shopping and have dinner.

Around 5 p.m., pulling out of a parking lot on 28th Street, I was waved across two held lanes of traffic to make a left-hand turn.  Which I did — only to be hit by a guy in a little white car.  By the time it was over, four cars were hit and two of them, including my Grand Cherokee, were totalled.  Neither Katie nor I were injured, but the guy who hit me broke his nose.  I ended up getting the ticket.

To make matters worse, once Ryan heard about it (he was in Kentucky on vacation), he freaked out and the rest of the day turned into a nightmare of Ryan feeling responsible for what happened because we were IM’ing on Blackberry while I was with Katie and the whole trip was his suggestion.

I ended up staying most of the night at Brian’s, talking and drinking beer and playing Guitar Hero: Metallica until around 7 a.m.

Everyone is fine, but — Friday wasn’t the best of days.

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