Stuff Lately

Been a while since I’ve done an omnibus update.

  • The new job is going well. I like my new boss and my new co-workers, and I’m being mentally challenged in exciting new ways. Plus, I’m off the hamster wheel of mundane report requests.
  • Snowball has been pleasant. My “pet” feral cat stops by once or twice a week for food. Now that her kittens have dispersed, she has been downright domestic with me. On Friday, for example, she ate her fill then came down the attic stairs to get pet. She didn’t need food, she just wanted some attention.
  • The Detroit trip was a success. Yesterday I embarked upon a whirlwind tour of the three Detroit casinos. Tony, Degenerate Johnny, Alaric and I drove to the Churchill’s in Southfield for a tasty cigar — I enjoyed the Fuente Fuente Opus X double corona with a dram of Glenfiddich 15-year single-malt Scotch — then we made our way into Beirut Detroit. The city’s reputation¬†didn’t disappoint: We passed a fully involved car fire on the shoulder of I-696. Our casino trip started at Greektown (mediocre) then moved to Motor City (better, with a surprisingly decent buffet) then MGM Grand Detroit (lovely).¬† We had to route through some of the more unpleasant parts of the Arsenal of Democracy — something chilling in the vacant, burned-out homes and buildings, something ominous in 10-story buildings covered ground-to-roof in graffiti. George Will is right: Detroit’s decline isn’t primarily financial, it’s cultural.
  • I’m still crabby about the broken window. See last post.
  • Been busy on the social front. I missed today’s writer’s potluck in Grand Haven on account of the damage to my vehicle. This past week, I had drinks with Jared, and last week I had dinner with Alaric. Tony and I have done a bit of show recording, too.

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