I’ve been in something of a funk lately. I though I was just stressed from being very, very busy, but I don’t think busy is the problem. And I know I have to take better care of my physical health, but also I don’t think I’m about to be admitted to the ICU, so to speak, despite being quite under the weather recently.

Processing, maybe. What, I don’t know. But little things, mostly news stories, are sticking with me, tugging at forgotten memories. It’s like feeling as if I’m facing a decision, and I’m deliberating about the decision, but I have no clue what the decision actually is.

Anyway. Highlights of note:

  • Last week saw the successful completion of the annual educational conference of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality. I chaired the conference, again, and also spoke at one session (about health policy trends in Lansing). The two-day event went well, and the food at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel was nice, although the final bill for MAHQ was really quite large.
  • I’ve now hired three new staff at Priority Health. It’ll be nice to not have to be a three-quarter-time manager and half-time analyst for much longer.
  • Caffeinated Press has been busy. In the last few weeks, I’ve wrapped up production on a poetry collection, a novel and our semiannual catalog, with another novel and a novella still to finish by the end of the month.
  • The weather has suddenly turned crisp; we’ve been down into the low 30s at night, already.


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