The Three Weeks of Emilie

Be glad and rejoice, mere mortals, for whether you know it or not, we are amidst the Three Weeks of Emilie.

Tony and I began our celebration of America’s Favorite Newlywed with a trek to the East Side last weekend; after a quick eye appointment with Dr. Mr. Emilie, we went to the happy home for an absolutely fabulous home-cooked dinner on the most expensive china this side of Japan.  Followed by board games.  It was a raucus good time, even if Tony was mildly cranky, and Jason quickly succumbed to his fourth — FOURTH!!! — upper-respiratory ailment since Thanskgiving.  Damn kids and their germs.

The frenzied revelry continues this weekend, with a party at the lesbians’ in Kalamazoo.  We’re renting a hotel room in anticipation of not being able to drive back to our respective homes.  Should be fun; Pretty Pretty Queen warned me that “someone special” might find me attractive, and one of the invitees is a young lady I traded personals e-mails with a while back.  God help me.

And … mirable dictu! … we are probably going to have an encore in Southfield in a couple of weeks, when Tony’s new prescription contacts come in.

I’m doing my part.  What are you doing to celebrate All Things Emilie?

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