A Flip of the Switch

… and just like that, things are different.

I’m not sure what the real trigger was. Perhaps it was being in Las Vegas and seeing the beautiful people, or the stress release now that Vegas is over, or seeing my friend Josh from the dojo at Buffalo Tobacco before I left, or what. But the switch flipped again, and I’m back on the diet-and-exercise wagon.

‘Tis eerie, actually. For months I’ve strugged to remove the weight that got larded back on from the infamous Vitamin D problem, but to no avail. I’d eat OK for a day and then — mmm, donut.

The day after I got back from Vegas, I was just “on.” For the last four days I’ve consumed fewer than 1,500 calories and have used my exercise bike religiously again. What’s more, there’s a certainty within that I’ll get back to around 160 by Christmas. Not, “well, I’ll try,” or “maybe I can do it,” but absolute certainty like that which hit me in January 2005, before my loss of 11o lbs.

Heck, I even have a basket of chocolate in my kitchen and absolutely no desire to have even a single piece.

Amazing, but overdue. Skinny Jason is on his way back home again.

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