Realignments, &c.

* It appears that Rick is coming into my workgroup just as Duane makes his escape back to California. It’s unfortunate that there won’t be much of an overlap, and I regret seeing Duane go, but I think this will make him happier — and his happiness genuinely important to me. He deserves some inner peace.

Duane will depart in mid-August; I may actually accompany him to his new abode. A good, long road trip sounds delightful, actually.

* I’ve made more progress on starting a news-brief service. I’ve purchased the domain and am about to file papers to establish a Michigan LLC. Working on setting up the merchant account and subscription-management tools. I am actually enjoying this! If this works as I expect, I stand to make a fair amount of money — and if my read of the market is wrong, I’m really only out time, since my start-up costs are minimal. No real downside, and a lot of potential if I manage this correctly. Thanks to Tony for his words of encouragement.

* I recently bumped up my running rotation … I’m now up to eight miles. I start at 54th/Division, head south to 60th, east to Kalamazoo, north to 44th, west to Division, south to 54th. It’s exactly 8.0 miles. The distance isn’t hard at all, but I’m not especially swift — the first time out, it took 78 minutes to complete the course, which is odd given that my first mile is usually finished in about 7:15. I guess I’m more about endurance than speed.

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